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Fine N Dandy!

So, back in 2005
I believe I hit my gothic lolita obsession peak.  This was also the time when I was working towards my secondish year at MAC when this amazing collection came out, Fine n Dandy!  I was so excited because I already felt super inspired by all of these similar looking pictures I was seeing in the lolita bible of Kana as well as other girlie girl lolitas dressing up in this style!  I can't remember if I knew it was considered dandy or what, but none the less, I really liked it!  The best part about this collection was in the editorial the guys wore this amazing orange/red lipstick!  My trainer proclaimed to our update class that this made her want to kiss them even more.  This sounded pretty cheesy, but  was also kinda cute and funny at the same time since it was a nice change from the typical MAC girl editorial.  Anyway, I think my point to my story was that ever since I worked at MAC and was apart of that specific collection, I put the puzzle pieces together in my mind from then on what Dandy (make-up style) meant to me.  DANDY=RED ORANGE LIP! <3  Not a rule, but a guideline conjured up by that experience which always makes me wish I saw more "kodona's" (dandy's) bustn' this look out!  ...Needless to say, I'm gonna do my best to rock a fierce reddy orange lip for my next dandy cord!  ...This weekend at the tea meet up.  I'll make sure to leave a nice old lady lipstick stain on my porcelain cup, haha!

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What's in that bag?

Well, what is in that bag you ask? 

My special ordered black Ribbon Roselyne Head Bow and AATP Ribbon Halterneck Vest!!!!  I'm stoked!  It's my first big girl purchase from the SF baby store!  haha!  I wish I could shop there more often but ya know...SF rent > BTSSB :-(  But either way, so excited!  Maybe one day I will work up the courage to document myself in all my lolita clothes...until then, any one who cares can see me sport it at the House of Usher uber gothic reunion in mid August.
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So I always wondered what it was that Novala Takemoto did that made him have a "questionable past."  So I Wikied him and lo and behold...weed?!  For real?  It's really that big a deal?  I don't smoke it myself but srsly?  He's an artist, what else would you expect.   I thought maybe it was going to say pedophile or something creepier along those lines, lol.


I get so bored at work lately.  Messing around with Photobucket....  Here's my tongue and cheek homage to Lady GaGa.  I am sure people are getting tired of my shit talking about her, but what can I say, she makes it so easy!  Sorry. ;-)

Damnit Baby!

OOOooh, I needs this:

Ribbon halterneck vest
If any of my bay area lolita loven'  livejournal friends out there see this vest at SF baby store before I do, please let me know!  I'd be so grateful and happy!  I have been waiting for a vest like this to come around.  I have so many shirts that need it, haha!  I really need to stop being so bored at work...I have too much time on my hands to drool over clothes that i can't really afford!

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fuzzy pictures

 So, now that it has slowed down much more at work, I have had a lot of time to think about stuffs.  This year I promise, I will enroll in at least one animation class.  I have no excuse seeing how I get to take two classes a semester for FREE?!!  I really need to at the least see if it's something I even like.  My illustration stuff is coming along.  I think I may have even come up with a design for a bag?!  I have my photobucket on my iphone, my camera charged, and I am ready to have my shit together for once.  Now if only I could pull together enough energy to redo the front page on my Tiffanystar site and work on my etsy.  Anyone know how to make a banner for Etsy? I hate being so computer retarded!  Anyway, here is another fuzzy dark photo:

Yeah, so this is a  really dark iphone shot of a sketch I recently finished/put together.  This is probably going to be apart of a big piece that I am making just for myself.  It's all about lounging and being lovely, I guess, ya know, the things that matter in life?  So much for making that really poignant serious piece, heh....


All about Perspective

I watched the much anticipated Japan episode of Price of Beauty yesterday and ya know, it wasn't all that bad. I'm no Jessica Simpson cheerleader but I do have to say that this series has been something I look forward to watching. It's a nice change from shows on TV like 16 and Pregnant, E! news, or Hoarders etc...SO with that, I was really excited when I found out she would be doing a little piece on the Lolita subculture in Japan. It's pretty hilarious that people in the US Lolita community are already nit picking that episode so intensely. The show is all about perspective. Also, consider the audience watching VH1 and then consider the host of the show. It isn't a show about Lolita specifically, so there's no way she could have covered all the facts and fine points, and if she did,  the rest of the world would have been bored into changing the channel really quickly. I think Jessica Simpson pulled it off well considering my own previous perception of her. At least when she walked the runway she wore make up and styled her hair which I don't feel I can speak to seeing very often in Daily Lolita. She put effort into it, she wasn't uptight and it seemed obvious that she had a great time with it which is what is all about right? (Maybe with the exception to my case was their constantly referring to Lolita as "Harajuku." Maybe blame Gwen Stefani for starting that?) I also didn't see any mocking or judging. One more thing that bothered me has been that people seem bothered by their "lack of respect" for the culture, but who doesn't laugh and cut up when they are on vacation with their best friends? TV show or not, they were on vacation. And last rant...Lets face it, at some point all good secrets get exposed and then the cycle restarts with a new subculture/genre. At least Lolita was highlighted in a good light?! Just sayn'....