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fuzzy pictures
 So, now that it has slowed down much more at work, I have had a lot of time to think about stuffs.  This year I promise, I will enroll in at least one animation class.  I have no excuse seeing how I get to take two classes a semester for FREE?!!  I really need to at the least see if it's something I even like.  My illustration stuff is coming along.  I think I may have even come up with a design for a bag?!  I have my photobucket on my iphone, my camera charged, and I am ready to have my shit together for once.  Now if only I could pull together enough energy to redo the front page on my Tiffanystar site and work on my etsy.  Anyone know how to make a banner for Etsy? I hate being so computer retarded!  Anyway, here is another fuzzy dark photo:

Yeah, so this is a  really dark iphone shot of a sketch I recently finished/put together.  This is probably going to be apart of a big piece that I am making just for myself.  It's all about lounging and being lovely, I guess, ya know, the things that matter in life?  So much for making that really poignant serious piece, heh....