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F the cut.
Ever since I saw the girl on Shear Genius bust out a Metamorphose skirt with a tank and cardigan, I've been obsessed!  I'm not saying I'm obsessed with her choice of skirt or hair or even her for that matter, I just liked the combo.  I really liked how she incorporated lolita into her every day with out it looking retarded. So I went on to do the thing I do best when I get excited about clothes and began fixating on various "brand" sites.  I did this until I decided on a set that looked like something that I could sport daily and also something I could wear to a more fancy event.

and this to match...

and this for the hells of it.  I love love love hoodies...

Cause I'm gonna wear it with jeans and converse, soo hwhat!  Here's hoping it looks as good in person and doesn't suck!!  Once again, I've realized I still like Metamorphose more than any other brands.  It's weird to me because when they're good they're great and when they're shitty they're extremely shitty!

This past weekend was sad.
Gothic Lolita Picture taking time!


That's right, I took some pictures last night and this is the best I could do! I hate to say it over and over again but I am so not photogenic!!   Haha.  I also always draw a blank when it comes time to write in this journal.  It's like that old feeling back in the day of walking into a music store with a list in mind of what you want to get and then completely blanking when you step through the door.  That is me, but with writing about myself.  

So, I was traumatized on Saturday after a chihuahua chased pistol from across the street.  An SUV came speeding up the hill and couldn't avoid hitting the doggie.  The little baby was run over right before my eyes.  I've never been so heart broken and felt so helpless. Seriously, I know it's just a dog, but they are so helpless without their owner's supervision (leash).   It's really so important to keep your little guys on a leash! 

I went shopping on Sunday after I got my tax return and hit up the ol New People.  As much as I would really really love to splurge and get a beautiful new dress at Baby, I just can't bring myself to do it with all the things I have been neglecting.  I allowed myself a pair of shorts at Peace Now and an adorable pair of socks from Baby.  I had fun looking though the catalog with one of the shop girls.  ;-)  I don't really get many opportunities to really chat it up with other gals that are as interested in this subculture as me, so yeah, good times!  It really helped relieve the stress from what happened on Saturday.  Of course that and hugging Pistol a lot!


<3 fluffy things!

Cotton Candy Bunny!
(Kool-Aide Pusher)


SO, this is the lastest piece I just finished for Fabric8.  I finished it in like 4 days!  Unreal for me, since I am the worlds slowest painter!  It's up for sale, so I hope gets sold soon to someone who appreciates pinky lolitay candy like stuff and other things of that nature as much as I do!  I have another piece in the works that will be of a little girl pouring tea into a tea cub that is actually birdies flying away.  It's hard to explain, but I have a feeling it will translate well on a 6/12 piece of frosted wood.  I think the color scheme will be inspired by spice cakes and warmer, rich and deep tones.  These little pieces have been really fun to make.  I hope this opens more doors. :-)

(no subject)
various feelings:

As I tweeted today, I was just wondering if there are ever any fun Lolita events that don't require 200 dollars to attend??  I really would love to wear some of my stuff out, but there is never anything to wear it out to.

Busy city yesterday.  Everyone must have had cabin fever because every cute little spot in the city was jam packed.  Didn't get get an opportunity to draw much but still had a good time at a random coffee and wine cafe on union street.  Daniel and I played some kind of random game and also laughed while drawing our interpretations of each other in his notebook.  I have this plan to do a kinda large piece about my perception  of the world today that includes some kind of statement about apathy blah blah yadda haha!

umm, hmm
Is it just me, or are the recent Bodyline models kinda weird looking?  Yeah that's all for today...

ooooh la la!
Today I received my Metamorphose order!  I heart them!  The dress is perfect!  It can look either lolita-y or pass as non lolita/cocktail dress like.  It's a good dress for an aging lolita!  So, I have to declare my so many reasons I love Metamorphose...they take CC, they're fast, no BS and you get presents for no reason at all, or at least none that I knew of.  They also sent a matching hair pin.  I mean, maybe they said something on their page about getting a gift, but I failed to see it or care enough to notice.  Anyway, yey.

Oh yeah and please ignore my gross finger.  I'm an artist so I have gross hands I guess...


I am sooo excited about Dark Sparkle happening this month that I splurged and bought this dress:

It is like it was made for me...black, bows and stars!  Oh and I got the boots and they fit perfectly.  The only problem is the quality.  I should know by now that Baby's shoes are kinda cheaply made.  I really wish they would rethink the soles they choose.  I think I might take them to the show cobbler and have him resoled...I really want to wear them out a lot with out them falling apart in a month!!!

nothin new for trash like youuu!
On that subject line quote, just remembering Gummo and how once upon a time I sort of kept up with current lingo and lived the subculture without questioning it.  I'm so old and moldy now.  All that randomness going on in the daily lolita forum is super confusing.  Why post a picture of a charred body and think it's funny?  I'm sorry, that's just gross to me...and I like a little gore from time to time...SO yeah, guess I feel a little out of the loop with what's funny nowadays.  :-)  ANYWAYS...I ordered these amazing boots yesterday from Baby.  I really hope they have them in stock.  I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of boots from them, but have somehow always miss that boat.  ...such a shoe hag!  Feel bad for the workers at the SF baby store for harassing them so much about if they had them in or not.  They were very sweet about it, so many thanks go out to them!

Oh and random, if anyone that may read this post has a Black BTSSB bow, they want to get rid of let me know.  I'm to lazy to post a WTB right now. :-)

As seen on CNN after I voted "yes."

Should Roman Polanski be extradited to the U.S.?
Yes 64% 117471
No 36% 65789
Total Votes: 183260

that renews my faith in Americans a little...perv.

CandyBar Art
I had such a good time, I don't even know where to begin!  I had an amazing time hanging out with old friends as well as meeting and making friends with a handful amazing people!  I've always been so inspired by Twinkie Chan aka Stephanie, I was super flattered that she and her awesome awesome boyfriend came out for my show!  I kinda want to do a portrait of her, heh...Anyways, so cool to get to know many people with such similar interests that live in the same area.  Also Gladys and her boyfriend Hime came out!  She wore the cutest Angelic Pretty headband in the entire world.  Cool nice people.  I could go on and on bragging about how much I love my friends but to get to the point, here are some of the pictures:
Picture time fun!Collapse )